Bessie Darling–Leaney

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ww1-leaney002Bessie was a VAD Nurse in 1915 during World War 1. She served in Erdington Birmingham nursing wounded soldiers returning from France. Note the photo of the rows of wounded in the great Hall of the Birmingham University which was turned into a Military Hospital. Three of her brothers Bert, Howard and Gordon also served .One of the first two brothers was a prisoner of war in Mainz Citidal. Unfortunately two died following the war in 1919 and 1920 due to war privations malnutrition and the flu epidemic the third brother lived till he was 90yrs old.

Bessie Darling–Leaney (nee Whittall).

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The residents of Pitminster Parish have created an exhibition of World War One at the ‘Lamb and Flag’ from Friday Sept 26th to Sunday Oct 5th 2014 based on the articles and artefacts received from people who live in the villages of the Parish. Leading up to the exhibition there have been events and activities based in and around the villages marking the Centenary. This website and its content are from that exhibition along with additional material during the lifetime of this website.


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