Digital WW1 Postcards for You to Share Online

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The First World War had a great influence on modern society. Find out and share how it shaped the food we eat, the way we communicate and more with these digital postcards.

Digital postcards are packed with fascinating facts about how the First World War has shaped modern life.

These postcards have been created for you to share across your networks.

Simply select and click the curved arrow icon to share.

Explore the sets on Flickr and share across your networks.

About the Author:

The residents of Pitminster Parish have created an exhibition of World War One at the ‘Lamb and Flag’ from Friday Sept 26th to Sunday Oct 5th 2014 based on the articles and artefacts received from people who live in the villages of the Parish. Leading up to the exhibition there have been events and activities based in and around the villages marking the Centenary. This website and its content are from that exhibition along with additional material during the lifetime of this website.


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